I’m happy to report that during this year there will be stories about things that will happen much sooner than you think

Every year we’re gathering around this shit, my friend, listen to the beat of the drums
I was unhappy, I’ve broken my pencil, nicknacknicknacknock
On the other hand, while chitchatting with the septic tank,
he vividly recalled he was filled that day gallon after gallon and now no longer gets invited to wedding receptions.
full of shitBrutal, I replied and tried to mimic some of his most famous moves… but rather then to stop and reccaliberate, I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices on how to conceal the exhaustion.
He shook his nozzle… ya can get a lot done with a whip but one has to continually  rise again and again to reinvent oneself.
You know what? I’m most interested in talking to individuals who bring their critical skills. I said.
For example, what about the matter of the head, is it too small for a real wolf?
I had no answer, looked around and yelled…hold the door
Too late, the white raven were sent, where can I find a lotus flower vase, to propel my unobtrusive vessel?


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